What It’s Like To Work For Twenty One Twelve

Twenty One Twelve recently welcomed aspiring journalist Serena Soroka for a week of work experience. Discover how she found her time with the company in this article.

Monday mornings are mornings most of us loathe, me especially.

On the dreaded Monday morning of September 3rd, I unwillingly got out of bed and made my way over to the office of Twenty One Twelve.  I initially thought I had an excruciatingly long week of making coffee and tea for the employees or following one of them around like a lost puppy; however, upon arrival, I was greeted by the most admirable team members I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

To my surprise, I had been given my own desk and an abundance of work to complete over my week at the company.

Being an English student and Twenty One Twelve being a marketing company, my initial fear was that they would not have enough work that was suited to the work experience I was looking for. Once again I had been proven wrong. By the end of the first day, I had already completed and published my first article for a luxury brand that the company helps coordinate.

I never once felt as though I couldn’t ask for help. The team were exceptionally helpful and reviewed each piece I wrote and gave me useful constructive criticism, which was incredibly useful as I love to learn new ways to improve my work.

A checklist on the wall sets motivation to all the employees. Once you have completed a task, you cross your task off the board which in turn creates an odd sense of satisfaction. This is just one of the many effective techniques that the business use in order to stay organised and to complete tasks on time; which is a new skill I hope to take away from this experience.

I didn’t feel stressed or overwhelmed by the work once. While the work may be difficult at times, as some of the writing styles I had not used before, the team were quick to guide me and help me understand how to develop these new skills.

The workplace should not have to be something that you dread every day. As a young adult, the idea of working five days a week used to be very daunting and uninviting. However, working at Twenty One Twelve restored my faith in working an everyday 9-5 job. In fact, I had a hard time leaving because I enjoyed the challenges I had to overcome, the co-workers, and the relaxing atmosphere that enabled me to focus and allow my creativity to flourish without feeling under pressure.

Twenty One Twelve helped to ascertain the fact that I do want to pursue a career in journalism once I have finished my studies at university. I was taken back by the freedom I was given to construct a piece on any topic I wanted.  Not only was I able to write my own articles, I was able to design the layout of the blog pieces and design the social media images used to promote the company and the article itself.

The beauty of Twenty One Twelve is in the people; they are all designers of great ingenuity. I hope that one day in the future, I will be able to work in the same environment that I have experienced here at Twenty One Twelve. The atmosphere is always benevolent and the office space emits a sense of tranquillity which feels more like of a group of friends working together, rather than an office space.

I thank Twenty One Twelve immensely. Under their guidance, I have been able to expand my writing techniques and learn new digital skills that I can use in a potential future career in journalism. If you too are new to the world of marketing, don’t be afraid to contact Twenty One Twelve for an unforgettable and once in a lifetime opportunity to work for such an assiduous business.

Serena Soroka

Writing has always been a keen fascination of mine. I have always adored reading and writing polemic, crime and fashion articles. To me a great piece of writing should have the ability to manipulate and shape a single thought; which is one of the main reasons why my greatest aspiration in life is to become a world-renowned journalist, not only to voice my own opinion but to also be able to change another’s.