The Three Types of Collaboration and How they Can Elevate your Business

That’s because they’re always a flexible arrangement, custom designed to provide both partners with the greatest possible benefit.

However, we still wanted to give a quick rundown of the three main types of collaborations – and of the benefits they can bring to your business.


Value Exchange Collaborations


The classic win/win scenario: two businesses work together, without any money changing hands, to mutually boost each other’s offering.

This takes two main forms:

Co-creating content


The latter are based on an exchange of expertise, which enables one (or both) parties to provide their clients with a better, more holistic service.

For example, an IFA hosts a CPD session for a merry band of accountants, a setup which provides both groups with a range of opportunities:

✔️ By helping the accountants hit their ICAEW-mandated CPD goals, the IFA is front of mind when it comes to referrals

✔️The IFA is positioned as an accessible and personable expert in their field, meaning that they can easily be approached when the accountants have a problem

✔️ The accountants can offer a more far-reaching service to their clients

In the end, both parties leave happy, paving the way to more collaborations in the future.


Sponsored Collaborations


Sometimes, you have to pay to play – especially with the big boys…

In these kinds of collaborations, one company pays to leverage the assets of another (typically larger and more established) business.

For instance, we brokered a deal between FOMO Mortgages and

By pairing their name with the more well-known brand, FOMO were able to build a trusting relationship with their audience from the start.

This meant that the fledgling brand could generate 10,000 subscribers only a month after its launch.


Incentivised Collaborations

With these collaborations you don’t pay upfront, but as commission once a lead has been converted.

For example, we helped Maxim Financial Services set up formal introducer partnerships with a number of complementary businesses.

Now, their top two partners pass Maxim over 30 leads a month apiece – in only one month, generating £18,000 in written business between them.


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