How to find a name for your fledgling business

A lot of people would suggest it’s not overly important. But I would argue you still need to consider:

  1. What first springs to mind when you hear it?
  2. How easy is it to say and remember?
  3. What does it actually mean?
  4. Can you build brand consistency around it?
  5. Is it unique within your space?

It’s also important to be aware of any negative connotations it may hold.

Like when Coors Beer translated it’s slogan ‘turn it loose’ into Spanish, where it’s a colloquial term for diarrhoea. 

Or when Mercedes-Benz entered the Chinese market under the brand name “Bensi,” which means “rush to die.”

Now you may not be planning global domination but a new brand’s name is worth considering.

Creating a new brand

Our own name, Twenty One Twelve, is long and hard to remember. 

But it’s got a good story behind it, so we like it.

It’s a name that still bemuses people, is it inspired by a Canadian rock band from the seventies or the world-famous Henley Royal Regatta? Find out in this blog…

Would we choose it again? Probably, because meaningful names are few and far between.

For example, when considering a brand name for one of our client’s new ventures recently we went through it all:

  • Latin terms
  • Greek Mythology
  • Foreign language terms
  • Fusing serendipitous words to create new meanings

We then had to check that:

  • The domains were available (yes .com is important)
  • It wasn’t too similar to a competitor’s name
  • There were no negative connotations or meanings we had missed
  • It sounded good and was a little bit clever too

But don’t settle.

A brand needs a voice. The worst thing it can be is vanilla. 

Your name can be leveraged across your entire brand messaging.

Take our client FOMO Mortgages for example. FOMO or fear of missing out, is a name that we play on constantly with the company’s messaging –


Don’t miss out on the best mortgage deal

Don’t regret not protecting your family


These are rudimentary examples but they go to show that there’s a lot in a name, choose wisely.

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Why did we call our agency Twenty One Twelve, way back in 2016?

A lot of people I meet are intrigued by the company’s name, Twenty One Twelve. Some assume I’m a massive fan of 70’s Canadian rock band, Rush – who released an album by the same name in 1976. But most are a bit bemused by it, it’s long and quite difficult to remember – so why on earth would a marketing agency choose it? Shouldn’t we be called something ultra modern and cool?

Twenty One Twelve Marketing was born in Henley-on-Thames way back in 2016. I had just won a UK Blog Award with the web design wizards over at Ri Web and the copywriting briefs were piling up. It was time to make the move from freelancer to agency and this humble start-up needed a name.

One thing all marketers know is the power of storytelling. The problem was, I didn’t have an exciting rags to riches saga. I’d never gone from a market stall to multi-millionaire ala Lord Sugar or leapt from welfare to riches like most internet entrepreneurs claim to have done. Instead, I was from the sleepy town of Henley-on-Thames.

When we first started Twenty One Twelve we solely focused on digital marketing for luxury brands. We’re more diverse now – offering services to B2B and professional services companies. But when the focus was luxury, Henley was a very useful place to be based and the town’s world-renowned regatta provided the perfect inspiration for the birth of a brand.

If you’ve never been to Henley Regatta, it’s worth a visit. The creme de la creme of rowers compete and both banks of the Thames are filled with bars and restaurants, including the ultimate hospitality experience that is The Hidden Garden. 

Completing the regatta course is quite a feat, or so I’m told. It’s long and choppy. So much so that Olympians won’t come to Henley during an Olympic year, because it’s bad practice for racing on the man-made Olympic courses that are shorter and calmer. 

The course length?

2112 metres. And so the name was born, Twenty One Twelve. Thought up by our old Director, Ryan Irving, we felt it was a good representation of our newly minted brand. It takes dedication and determination to complete the course of Henley Regatta – The cox must be precise as they guide the boat across the choppy, winding course and rowers have to rise above the frenetic noise of the madding crowds to keep their tempo and cool.

And despite not having a single rower in the team, the virtues of the regatta course represented everything we wanted our agency to be – precision marketing designed to drive commercial results.

Now, in 2023, we’ve grown into our name and we feel we’re everything we set out to be.

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