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Scaling high-ticket businesses.

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Let’s create the most effective marketing mix for your needs.

Pay Per Click

Advertising campaigns across social media and search engines to deliver quality, cost-effective leads.

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Content Marketing

Content creation to help you reach, engage and nurture your audience.

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Marketing Strategy

Reliant on referrals? Struggling for clarity? Utilise a holistic review of your marketing. Regain control and direction.

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What Our Clients Say

A perfect combination of expertise in social media strategy - finding, nurturing and converting hard to reach audiences - whether individuals or stakeholders across an enterprise. In technical terms Twenty One Twelve provides the perfect blend of targeting through resonant and relevant top of funnel content, middle funnel of engagement and bottom of funnel conversion for a variety of clients.

Andy Clarke

HUHO Consulting

Henry and his business - Twenty One Twelve Marketing - have an outstanding track record of generating leads from notoriously hard to reach audiences. I am very pleased with the ROI I am getting from the programme Henry is running for me. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Nigel Nelms

Peak Exit