How to Increase Engagement on your Instagram Posts

With 11% of the world’s population using Instagram, and 50% of those following brands, the social media platform has well and truly earnt itself a prime position in the digital marketing world. Businesses have been made solely through the site, whilst others have increased their profits dramatically and gained a wealth of new customers. It’s potential as a platform for marketing is incredible.

But, that’s only if you know what you’re doing and can get the all-important engagement you need. In a digital world where everyone’s trying to do the same thing, that definitely isn’t an easy challenge.

Luckily, there are ways you can increase your engagement on your Instagram posts, encouraging the population of Instagram to like, comment, swipe up, and follow your account.

What do we mean by engagement?

We’re talking about the amount of likes and comments your posts generate.

Why’s this important?

Because the Instagram algorithm favours posts with (not just the highest number) the highest quality of likes and comments.

At Twenty One Twelve, we’re experts at luxury digital marketing, and we’re certainly no strangers to the world of Instagram. So, we thought we’d put together a handy guide to help businesses like yours increase your engagement on the posts you put out there, creating a social media profile that actively increases your profits.


Take Advantage of All the Features

Instagram favours accounts that use all of the features available, and audiences like the variety too, so don’t just stick to posting pictures. Add videos to your profile, carousel posts, polls, and tag the products on your pictures using the link feature.

Create a business profile to get access to features that regular accounts don’t and be sure to take full advantage of everything that’s available.


Get more engagement on Instagram posts


Schedule your Posts

Scheduling your posts is a great way to keep up with regular content and stay on top of your account. It’s also a great way to create more engagement, as you can post when you know your followers and target audience are the most active. The more likes and comments you get after posting, the more relevant Instagram will think your post is and so you’ll be pushed up your followers’ feed, resulting in even more engagement.


Use the Analytics

Business Instagram accounts also get in-depth analytics regarding account engagement, which is incredibly useful if you’re trying to increase yours. Look at what works best amongst your audience and tailor your marketing accordingly, as well as checking out what’s letting you down and how you can fix it.



Encourage Engagement

In your posts, you can actively encourage engagement with your audience by asking questions or adding a direct call to action. For example, if you’re posting an image of an item of clothing, ask your followers how they’d style it, or tell them to go check out your Instagram story to see more of the same range.

You should also encourage engagement by responding to comments and answering questions. This’ll show your followers that there is a real person behind the account, creating more of a connection, and making them want to comment on your posts much more frequently.

At Twenty One Twelve, we know how to manage accounts to boost engagement and give your profile the best chance of success. Why not start chatting with us today? We can tell you exactly how we can help and get the ball rolling on making your brand a social media sensation.

Jess Cull

Jessica is one of our trusted content writers here at Twenty One Twelve and spends most of her day huddled over a laptop, typing away and drinking considerable amount of coffee. When she's not writing web content, she's either working on a novel that will change the world (watch this space), going to gigs or visiting art and fashion exhibitions.