The Ultimate Guide To Digital Marketing Trends 2019

2018 is nearly behind us, but what digital marketing trends are likely to spark business success next year?

The Ultimate Guide To Digital Marketing Trends 2019

Our world is ever changing and so is technology.

If you want to stand out and make an impact it is important to be one step ahead when implementing digital marketing techniques.

Knowledge is power, so discovering which digital marketing trends will be popular in 2019 is vital to give you and your company that competitive edge.

This guide was created to inspire and engage marketers and business owners, allowing them to begin the new year to a flying start.

We’ve interviewed a range of experts in an array of fields so you can get the latest scoop on their 2019 predictions!

From voice search to social media influencers, we’ve included a bit of everything. So whatever area you specialise in, you are bound to gain relevant insights for the year ahead.

Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below, we would love to hear what trends you think will be popular in 2019!

Artificial Intelligence trends 2019

Voice Search 


Nearly a third of the 3.5 billion searches performed on Google every day are voice searches and it’s estimated that this will rise to 50% by 2020.

The AI technology behind voice search is becoming more accurate. Tailoring your SEO strategy for voice search is crucial for businesses in 2019. Marketers must understand the nuances of voice search and consider voice search optimization when developing new content. To do this, make your search phrases more conversational instead of just keyword bundles. Think about what your target audience might say rather than type when searching.


Paid traffic is becoming more and more expensive each year, and this trend will continue in 2019.

The obvious substitutions of paid traffic are blogging and other SEM tactics. To rip most of the benefits from these channels in 2019, small business owners should tailor the content to voice search. Thus, the text should sound natural and not be stuffed with keywords. The voice search queries are usually more specific and long in comparison to typing input. Thus, when you sound like a human being, you will please both your readers and the search engines.


The continued rise of voice-activated search and smart devices will be prevalent in 2019. If Alexa, Siri, etc are not able to find you, you may not exist much longer. The majority of people enjoy calling, buying and playing via voice search. Now that everyone has a voice-controlled assistant with them at all times they are not going to be too keen on giving that up. In fact, barking orders into a device can be addictive so I think it is only going to be more popular going forward.



We see chat BOTS as a major new feature for mobile and digital marketing for 2019.

Consumers are more impatient than ever. They want answers NOW and they don’t care if your business is open or not. That’s why we are adding artificial intelligence chatbots to many of our clients’ websites and social media business pages. The idea of the chatbot is to generate a lead for the business regardless of what time that chat occurs. Moreover, by adding artificial intelligence, the business can give answers to commonly asked questions without incurring labour costs to do so.

Video Content


Videos will become even more important in 2019. They’ve evolved into a requirement

for marketers. The line between GIFs and videos is getting blurred as videos get shorter. For example, companies are utilising extremely short videos so they look like GIFs. Clearly, the line between formats is getting fuzzy. This type of creative content is extremely valuable and will help you stand out from the crowd.

Live videos will continue to be important in 2019. Facebook Live continues to thrive and Instagram Live Videos and IGTV will play a central part in marketing campaigns throughout 2019.


Rich content such as video gains even more traction and drives growth. In a mobile-first world, you have less time to grab your audience’s attention as users tend to quickly scroll through their news feed. Therefore, video content will be utilised even more for maximum impact and to create engagement.

Don’t forget, content has to match the buyer’s journey. Understanding that journey will inform how to attract, engage and convert customers, whilst giving insights into which keywords and topics should be used to best achieve this.

Innovative Adverts 


Smartphone Enabled Advertising  – Despite there being numerous tools now blocking this form of advertising, this new technology will allow users to create personalised ads that appeal directly to a specific recipient, creating a more personalised compelling experience.

Personalised Emails – Email is still a very popular way for companies to connect with new and existing customers. As technology evolves and develops, companies will need to be looking deeper into when you can trigger an email marketing strategy. This could enable them to grab the attention of a user browsing a specific product. For example, it would be effective if after browsing a particular product a user was then sent a promotional price or demo video in a personalised email.

Content is Still King – Google is becoming increasingly smart and concerned with what we are communicating to consumers. Therefore, we need to be smart and have more of a sophisticated understanding of who our target market is. The key is to be precise and keep content relevant to the audience.



The biggest trend we are seeing that will affect both large and small business is a fall in advertising targeting and a rise in creative platforms and services. The reality is that evolution across Facebook, Google, and other social media platforms have made it easy for the most novice of advertisers to target their consumers and reach them in a smart manner. Targeting has become democratized. This means that creative has once again become king when it comes to beating the competition. A lot of platforms to create, test, and analyse creative formats which are hitting the market. This will make a big impact on how marketers and business garner mind-share.

Personalised advertising/communications and one-to-one based messaging will certainly continue to be of deep importance into 2019, especially as major media platforms continue to advance their targeting capabilities and democratise the ease and capability of doing so. However, many marketers believe that once a message is properly targeted and personalised, no additional factors are needed. This is a mistake. Personalisation is not a substitute for creativity in crafting brand relationships and experiences and in today’s world, creativity is still king.

Social Media Trends 2019

Influencer Marketing


Back to the face-to-face – Everything influencer related burned people out in 2018, but influencers plus physical events, and event marketing will dominate 2019. The combination move of Instagram and event marketing will drive incredible growth for companies that do it right. Finding ways to tie the emotional stories of ideal customers into these experiences is crucial for success.

To a lesser degree, anyone who takes events seriously for their own career, whilst connecting regularly through social media platforms like LinkedIn, will experience a career expansion in 2019.


There will be an increased focus on techniques which will enable marketers to seek the right influencers for the right market. To gain more bang for their buck, brands will have to make smart moves in identifying effective influencers, whether that be nano, micro, or macro influencers, to suit the kind of market and industry they operate in. While nano influencers give deep market penetration for niche and localised demands, macro influencers cater to large organizations and their wide array of solutions.


Influencers will continue to rise in prominence in 2019. Partnering and building relationships with the right influencers with content that is co-created helps brands scale and grow faster whilst amplifying their message.

In 2019 we will see more confidence in trusted content. For instance, influencers will be more effective at driving traffic than advertising. The world has been moving this way for years, with people seeking their friends and influencers’ opinions for advice online. From what to buy, where to go, and what to do, influencers are more effective than paid adverts or fancily packaged content. Customers are savvy today, they are happy to buy what they want and need but they do not like to be sold things. Curated content and ideas from a trusted source beat paid content every time!

Instagram TV (IGTV)


In 2019, small businesses should benefit from the development of IGTV. While there’s still no monetization mechanism, the air is not cluttered with vloggers thus, there are more possibilities for brands to shine. To be successful, you need to follow the rules of the game on the platform: vertical videos only and no duplication of YouTube content. It’s the possibility to show your human face: shoot behind-the-scenes type of videos, be frank and sincere.


One week after the launch of IGTV, 66% of users uninstalled the app (ouch). Although the video platform started off slow, if you haven’t already explored IGTV yet, you should make plans to next year. I predict that in 2019, Instagram will invest more in IGTV to make it much more appealing to users. This will encourage much more interaction and engagement with the feature.

Youtube has become severely overcrowded. IGTV will provide an alternative which will increase opportunities for marketers, allowing them to further utilise influencers to reach their target audience.

I believe authenticity will be a key factor in the on-going battle of the Instagram algorithm. Instagram is highly saturated, users have become picky about which accounts they follow and engage with. Throughout 2018 we saw a huge backlash against social media platforms due to their promotion of unrealistic body types. Therefore in 2019, we will see users interact more with influencers, stepping away from the ‘perfect’ Instagram feed and instead gravitating towards those who promote a relatable lifestyle.

Final Thoughts…

Thank you for reading The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing Trends 2019! We hope you found these expert opinions as insightful as we did!

Who knows what 2019 will bring, but with regards to digital marketing trends, it will be interesting to see which concepts will take off.

Many of our experts have high hopes for voice search, stressing the importance of tailoring your SEO strategy to accommodate for the ever-increasing Siri and Alexa users out there.

Creativity is king and will continue to be throughout 2019. The use of personalised adverts and rich content such as video will be vital to attract audiences and engage users!

This year social media influencers appeared to dominate the world of digital marketing. However, our experts believe they’ll still be prominent in 2019.

To keep things fresh and exciting, our experts highlighted the importance of utilising Instagram TV and organising influencer meet-ups. This will create unique content, keeping influencer marketing relevant throughout 2019.

But don’t forget, you can’t forget the basics either, it’s not always about adopting the latest ‘in’ trend.

Researching, planning, and organising are key within marketing. There’s no point in writing a marketing strategy if you don’t have a concrete idea of who your target audience is!

Implement these trends throughout your 2019 strategy and stay one step ahead of the competition!

Which trends do you agree or disagree with? Or are there any trends that you think will be big next year? Comment down below and let us know!

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