Scale Campaign

Create a lead generating social media strategy to acquire property investors, architects and development firms who are actively involved in deals above £1 million but ideally £10 million & above. Qandor’s top level group includes those involved in property deals in excess of £100 million.


Lead generating
social media strategy

Results so far

Qandor boasted around 80 members prior to the start of the campaign, with Twenty One Twelve’s remit to gain them over 100 members. By the end of the campaign they had reached their target membership. They were subsequently oversubscribed, with a waiting list of relevant individuals and affiliate brands.

Our Approach

After initial conversations with Qandor, we conducted research surrounding the company’s brand equity. Interestingly, the brand wasn’t well known but the individual founders were extremely recognisable within the property industry.

Whilst mapping out a strategy to increase Qandor’s brand awareness within relevant circles, we analysed the individual founders’ social media profiles. One of the brand’s founders had over 10,000 connections on LinkedIn. When we segmented the data, we discovered around 4,000 qualified as ‘target market’ with 1,000 potentially being high value targets.

The team decided to outreach to the 1,000 segmented individuals initially with hyper-personalised messages. These messages presented a rare opportunity to express interest in joining Qandor. The message also highlighted the exclusivity and provided social proof behind the club and its activities.

This was reinforced by producing thought-leadership content, to showcase Qandor’s authority and credibility. Using these simple tactics, the team was able to generate Qandor 164 high quality enquiries in the first month of the campaign.

This also coincided with gaining Qandor over 8,000 new cross-platform followers in under two months – without using any paid advertisements; significantly increasing the brand equity in relevant circles.

“Henry McIntosh is not only a stand up guy, he really knows his stuff and is ‘the’ man to speak to if you want help with your marketing in the luxury and high-end markets. And probably any other market for that matter!”

Matt Siddell

Qandor Managing Director