Maxim Financial Solutions

Growth Campaign

Maxim boasts over 7,000 active UK clients and counting. The business built this clientele solely from referrals, prior to engaging Twenty One Twelve they had no codified marketing strategy.

The problem with referrals is the fact they’re unpredictable and difficult to scale. Maxim’s Managing Director, Craig Muttitt, was keen to create a predictable marketing machine to help scale Maxim to new heights.


Help Maxim generate leads in a
cost-effective way.

Results so far:

The newsletter campaign generates an average of 7 leads per email and is running at a 10x ROI.

Our Approach

Looking at Maxim’s business through the lens of Twenty One Twelve’s three S philosophy, we suggested a two-pronged approach designed to be cost-effective and capable of generating consistent high-quality leads.

Speed Wins – Email Marketing & Social Media

Created a weekly newsletter sent to their 5,000 strong database. With the aim to educate, provide value and upsell. This ‘hero’ content was then transformed into snippets to be used across Maxim and the Managing Director’s social media accounts, specifically Facebook and LinkedIn.

Sustainable Wins – Strategic Partnerships

Built data sets of potential strategic partners capable of consistently referring their clients to Maxim. This included independent estate agents, IFAs and a selection of complementary financial services businesses. Working alongside Maxim, we helped construct an attractive introducer agreement and write up case studies based on their prior introducer relationships. We then used this to outreach to decision makers at the potential strategic partnership businesses.

The Results

1. The newsletter campaign generates an average of 7 leads per email and is running at a 10x ROI.
2. Via our LinkedIn and email campaigns, Maxim has signed several new strategic partners across the last three years, including nine estate agencies and three IFAs. These partners deliver constant streams of leads into the business, with the top two partners providing, on average, over 30 leads each per month.

3. Twenty One Twelve was given the contract to create and manage a new mortgage brand for Maxim, aimed at becoming a lead generation machine – that brand is