Lead Generation

8 Steps To A Winning Marketing Strategy

With 2021 fast approaching it’s time to look ahead. Back in march, marketing plans were torn up and (hopefully) rewritten.…

The businesses which have succeeded since, continued to invest in and develop their marketing strategies as 2020 progressed. As we near the end of a hectic year, it’s time to plan once more. While uncertainty may linger thanks to Brexit and the pandemic, businesses need to focus on what they can control. Right now, we’re working with our clients to create robust marketing strategies which can weather the uncertainty we’re facing.

Twenty One Twelve has been fortunate this year, so we wanted to share a few ingredients behind how we created winning marketing strategies in spite of everything.

1. Start With The End In Mind

Forget vanity metrics and intangible tactics. Start by asking:

“What does my marketing need to deliver for me to achieve my aims?”

If you need 10 clients a month to hit your targets and your conversion rate is 1 in 5, you need 50 quality leads a month to hit your goals.

It sounds simple and in most cases it is. You’ve just created a marketing goal which you can base your whole strategy around.

2. “Only We”

The hard part is working out the most efficient way to acquire those 50 leads.

An often overlooked place to start is redefining what makes you different.

Finish the sentence:

“Only we can deliver this service in under 24 hours within this region”

You may not have a global unique selling point, but you don’t need to.

Examine what makes you different from your immediate competitors


Ask your customers why they use you.