Anima Aurea: A Revolution In The Winemaking World

Venti4 Bottle – The patent set to revolutionise the winemaking world

London, September 2018 – Sicilian scientist, Salvatore Valenti, discovers the groundbreaking synergy of gold and silver ions to prevent the oxidation and considerably improve the organoleptic qualities of wine. After carrying out initial tests himself, Valenti has uncovered the revolutionary development resulting in the launch of Anima Aurea’s first bottle – Venti4.

In 2010, drawn by a passion for wine and out of intuition, the Sicilian researcher began conducting independent studies regarding the chemical interaction of gold and silver with wine.

By blocking the filtration of light, ultra violet and infra red radiations, a bottle constructed of gold and silver prevents the oxidation and reactions that may occur during the ageing process of wine. Gold and silver also play another important role in protecting the wine by preventing the formation of hydrogen sulphide, the development of which alters the sensory qualities of wine.

“I designed the first prototype of the bottle thanks to the help of the Ponte Vecchio’s goldsmith artisans. Then, I aged in the bottle a wine with an important structure for two years. The result was mind-blowing: all my intuitions proved to be true”, recalls Mr Valenti.

The construction of Anima Aurea’s Venti4 bottle is unique; without glass, just with a pure layer of gold interior and pure silver exterior, the design ensures minuscule particles of these precious metals will gradually release into the wine, significantly improving the taste and sensory qualities.

To negate the possibility of any corruption to the wine, even the surface of Venti4’s cork is covered with gold; ensuring the bottle provides the perfect environment in which to preserve precious wine.

Valenti will only be producing 500 bottles of Venti4; priced at 25,000 Euros per bottle.

Anima Aurea’s scientific accomplishment is complemented by the stunning aesthetic design of the bottle and its contents. Every bottle is a unique jewel, having been hand-made by the artisan goldsmiths of Ponte Vecchio in Florence. The Venti4 also contains a sublime 2012 super tuscan red wine produced near Greve in Chianti using Sangiovese di Lamole vineyards which are more than eighty years old.

The technology has attracted the interest of both the wine and arts industry worldwide. The first official recognition has arrived in the form of a Leone d’Oro Award for excellence in the Made in Italy category. The award will be presented during the Venice International Gran Gala of Mazzoleni foundation Festival next 8th September.

For Salvatore, the story comes full circle. During his time as a researcher into brain cancer, he was always frustrated by the lack of funding his field received.

In Italy, sourcing funding is the hardest part of an academic’s role and Salvatore was determined to find ways to make his own research more sustainable. In his own mind, his biggest achievement will come from being able to grant parts of the profits towards the research against medulloblastoma, a brain tumor affecting children.

Anima Aurea

Notes to Editors:

To analyse the differences between Anima Aurea’s Venti4 jewel and a normal glass bottle, a series of blind tests were carried out in the Analytical Laboratory ISVEA in Siena by two highly respected oenologists – Barbara Tamburini and Vittorio Fiore.

The results were beyond reproach, with Fiore stating the importance of the invention “For years, within the oenology sector, we have wondered whether we could find a different container able to guarantee a better and longer aging for precious wines. This innovation has finally answered that question.”

Mrs Tamburini also noted the superiority of Anima Aurea’s Venti4 bottle –

“From all the blind tests, the outcome was always the same: compared to the wine aged in the glass bottle, the taste of the wine in the gold and silver bottle stood out clearly every time for its delicacy, for its decisive flavour. The sensorial experience is sublime.”


Cost – 25,000 Euros

Limited to 500 bottles

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