4 Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Luxury Brands

If you’re a brand in the modern age, you should be implementing digital marketing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re big, small, high-street or luxury – if you’re not using the world wide web as a sales tool, you’re going to get left behind. It’s blunt but it’s true!

As a luxury brand, there are specific ways you should be marketing yourself online to help you reach your target audience and show yourself as a high-end, exclusive company. You need to be showing off your brand to the world in a way that differentiates you from the high-street alternatives. Luckily for you, our expert marketers are here to help and lend you their top tips. Sit back, relax and take note!


Style, User Experience & Function

When creating a website, you need to focus on three things; style, user experience and function. As a luxury brand, you need to get all of this stuff absolutely spot-on to create the right identity and build trust with your audience.

If your website doesn’t look well-designed, you’re not going to have the appearance of a high-end brand and, trust us, appearance means a lot in this industry. If you don’t have great user experience and your client comes away feeling dissatisfied, they won’t feel inclined to shop with you either at all or again. If your website doesn’t function correctly, it’s not even performing properly for its main use and users won’t make the effort to continue using it.


Brand Heritage

Use your brand’s unique identity and heritage to sell your products. In some ways, this should even take more of a priority than describing what your product is in the luxury world! Customers will buy into the idea behind your company.

So, for example, if you’re selling a high-end watch, explain how your family has a history in watchmaking or that you began making watches because you wanted a timepiece that would last a lifetime (if it’s true, of course!). It’s all about adding that authentic story to your brand that means a whole lot in the world of luxury.


Take Advantage of Visual Platforms

As we mentioned, appearance means everything in this industry. By harnessing the power of visual platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest to market your brand, you can create the ideal luxury lifestyle image that your customers want to see.

You can show your products next to luxury-related items that’ll instantly evoke that lifestyle identity or on people and influencers who fit your target audience’s image. It’s all about that status, ladies and gents!


Create Content for Image

Your audience is more likely to share content that matches to their aspired status. So, being in the luxury industry, we instantly know you have a client who lives an above-average lifestyle and that the content they’ll be sharing on their social media platforms will reflect this. They’re creating an image of themselves through what they post, so make sure yours fits it.


If you’re struggling with marketing yourself as a luxury brand and haven’t been quite able to crack into the world of high-end, get in touch with our team at Twenty One Twelve. We’re a bunch of highly skilled experts trained in marketing specifically for you luxury lot.

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