Today’s Lead Generation
Campaigns Suffer from
One Big Problem…

They focus on creating
opportunities. Instead of results.

Most agencies flood you with low
level, unqualified enquiries

– using
generic knowledge to engage decision
makers through overused channels.

If you want to show your prospects that you’re serious – then you need to have a high value approach that immediately sets you apart from the competition.

2112 gives you this power.

What Makes TwentyOneTwelve
Different from the Competition…?

We hit your sweet spot – delivering
the perfect balance of good
quality leads.

Through a complete understanding of your audience – and how your proposition relates to multiple decision makers, we ensure that every single contact result in a true sales qualified lead and an opportunity to do business…

How Do We Win You Business?

We combine our framework with your
knowledge, networks, and success
stories to create an unbeatable

Once we understand who you need to contact, we harness your content and put it to work:

  • Direct email campaigns to individual decision makers
  • Precise LinkedIn messaging to leverage your network
  • Exhibiting at events and shows where your customers congregate
  • PPC advertising aimed at very niche audience segments
  • Knowledge based content demonstrating your competence

Finding your attractive qualities is the first step

Setting them in motion is where we excel

Reach more of the right people with Precision Marketing.

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