Gaining Loyal Customers in the Competitive Luxury Industry

Just as with any other industry, luxury brands have to fight for their customers. It’s a fact! You can’t just pop a website up and wait for your audience to

Luxury Marketing to Generation Z

As the babies of Generation Z become fully-fledged adults, it’s time to change luxury marketing. Millennials move over – there’s a new generation in town. They’re a generation who were

Our latest projects – Belvedere Vodka & Whitehouse Cox

Twenty One Twelve Director, Henry McIntosh, writes up the agency's latest projects which include work for Belvedere Vodka and Whitehouse Cox.

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A lot of high-profile luxury brands make website design mistakes that can cost them business. For the month of May, Jess Cull takes a look at those that are the most common so that you can steer clear. Foresight is everything in this business!

Influencer Marketing – The Social Media Revolution

This month we look at the latest in the world of advertising: influencer marketing. Haven't heard of it? It's set to be the future of branding and even luxury names are jumping on board, so you'll want to check this one out!