Influencer Marketing – The Social Media Revolution


When social media was still very much in the early stages of life, businesses were already looking at it’s potential as a huge marketing platform.

We spoke recently of how Burberry used social media in their digital marketing campaign to turn their brand around. They’re just one example of many, many brands – including those in the luxury sector – who utilised this incredible tool to market their company.

It was allowing businesses to connect and interact with their audience in a way that previously just wasn’t possible, shifting how we all view marketing. It was incredible. But it was only just the beginning.

Social media has marketing potential that we are still uncovering. With each year, its use as a business tool seems to become more and more prominent with more of our luxury business clients jumping on board as they realise how powerful it can be.

The latest revolution? Influencer marketing.


What is Influencer Marketing?

As social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and YouTube have become more integrated into our daily lives, so have the people who rule them. These aren’t just the celebrities and socialites who we all knew pre-social-media, but a whole new genre of ‘famous’ – everyday people who racked up millions of followers on their respective platforms.

It seems we’re not just obsessed with social media, but those we follow on it.

Anyone with a mass following on social media is an influencer in the eyes of businesses. This is where influencer marketing comes in – brands using these online celebrities to advertise their products to a very specific audience. It’s the latest in modern day marketing and it’s pretty clever.


Why is it So Effective?

Influencer marketing is so effective and has become such a huge marketing tool for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it’s targeted marketing like nothing before. By connecting with an influencer who has the right lifestyle and interests that your target customer has, you can use them to market to millions of others who are all interested in those same things. In other words, they’re all interested in you.

These influencers are also trusted by their audience. When your business says you’re the best in an advertisement, consumers aren’t so easily persuaded to believe you. But when someone they look up to and trust says it? Well, you can see how it works.

There’s also the side of social media where ‘everyday’ people aspire to the lives of those they follow. They want to be them. They want to eat the food they eat, wear the scents they do and drive the cars they’re pictured in. It’s the same principal as traditional advertising: you’re selling your product or service through the desire of the lifestyle and image it’s associated with.


How Can Luxury Brands Use This?

Luxury brands are already tapping into the potential of influencer marketing. Check out Balmain – a fashion label that wasn’t really in the big leagues until the Kardashian’s started posing in their dresses on Instagram. Now they’re a huge powerhouse with their very own social media star – Olivier Rousteing, 4.4 million Instagram followers – at the helm.

Luxury brands are all about selling a product that conveys a certain lifestyle, so influencer marketing makes perfect sense. You’re using someone with the lifestyle you associate your brand with to show their audience how the two go together. Not only will this help to sell your product to the right people, it also emphasises your specific brand image.

Unlike bringing in celebrities to record your TV advert or be the voice of your radio broadcast, using social media influencers – already celebrities or social-media-made – has an authenticity to it. They’re using your products in their everyday lives, telling their following that your brand fits in with their luxury lifestyle and if you want to live like me, this is the brand you’ll use.

It’s authentic. It’s trusted. It works.



Here at Twenty One Twelve, we always stay updated on what’s relevant now in the fast-paced world of digital marketing and where it will head next. If you want to stay ahead of the game, get in touch with us and see what we can do for you.



Influencer Marketing – The Social Media Revolution
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