Why Identity is More Important Than Ever for Luxury Brands


In the luxury industry, image is everything.

The way you present your brand and the identity behind it is crucial to how successful your company’s going to be.

Brand identity is at the heart of every flourishing luxury brand, it’s something you cannot ignore.


What is Brand Identity?

Your brand identity is what sets you apart from everyone else, even if what you’re selling is the same. For a luxury brand, it becomes your story, your heritage and the tangible personality of your company.

When customers think of you, they think past your products or services and to the overall experience; packaging, store interiors, website, staff behaviour and how they feel when they shop with you. This is your unique brand identity.



Why is it So Important? 

Now more than ever, as mass produced items are being pumped out and sold on such a huge scale and most markets are already saturated with competition and cheap alternatives, having that iconic identity can be the difference between great success and dismal failure.

As a luxury brand, you need your brand identity to be the pull that attracts customers and keeps them coming back. People will pay more for the name, story and experience that you offer alongside your stock or services.

Your identity also needs to set you apart from competitors, both in the luxury world and with the cheap alternatives.

As a luxury brand, this can’t be done by saying that you offer the same as other brands but you’re just better at it; it’s by saying that you’re the only one.

With no one else will you get the same experience. No other brand offers the customer service, quality of products and shares the same values that you do. This is all done through your identity and it’s what will establish you in the market.

A prime example of this is shown amongst the top fashion houses. They’re all in the same market and selling similar products, but it’s their brand identity that makes them all so undeniably different and attracts specific clientele.

Christian Louboutin heels, for example, have a strong brand identity which can hold its own when faced with similarly priced or far cheaper options. This is because they’ve built up an image of undeniable quality, style and elegance which is encapsulated in that iconic red sole. They sell their shoes not just on the product itself, but also on the experience of shopping with them and the feeling their customers get when they buy a pair of Louboutin’s. It’s all just incredibly clever and refined marketing, really.



How Can You Establish an Identity?

There are a number of ways you can establish your identity, and some we’ve already spoken about (packaging, customer care, shop layouts). These are all incredibly important, but in the modern age luxury brands can’t ignore digital marketing.

With so much potential in the online world to establish your brand identity, it would be crazy not to take advantage. As luxury brands are jumping online, it’s important not to be left behind.

Through your website, your tone of voice, blogs, social media and every aspect of your digital operation, you can create a notable and unique identity.



Twenty One Twelve can help you with all your digital marketing needs, establishing your brand identity and making you a prominent figure in the luxury market.

If you’re interested in working with us to maximize sales and solidify your place in the exclusive world of luxury, get in touch with us.

Why Identity is More Important Than Ever for Luxury Brands
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